Who we are and what we do

Proud to be Owned and Operated in the great city of Austin TX

Who We Are:

After developing a small web-based flight scheduling application in 2005 for a small part 91-operator, we realized that there was no current and effective web/mobile technology serving the aviation industry. The limitations of the dated technology used by aircraft owners, operators, charter firms, and flight departments were staggering and a major obstacle to their growth. From that point on, we set out to build a business management solution-based platform--not just another scheduling/quoting application. The infusion of best of breed web/mobile technology and business management methodologies has proven to fill a much needed niche in the industry. Our founders know technology and aviation, and their expertise has resulted in the launch of Avianis in 2008, a platform that will dramatically change the way you operate—for the better!

Pilots fly planes, we build software.

We never pretend to know more than our clients about their job. We depend on feedback from our customers, both positive and negative, to continue building the best aviation management platform on the market. The evolution of our product has come about through several years of analyzing the business models of large and small operators who have used our solution. Our focus has been to pinpoint the operational missteps and develop a smart, intuitive platform that makes running the day-to-day operations of a flight department easier. In doing so we have focused on developing our turnkey platform to handle the entire business cycle on the customer side all the way through to the operations side including the back office.

Company Timeline:

Avianis was founded in 2007 by Daniel Tharp and Dennis Tharp with founding developer Robert Castanheiro. William Smoak later joined the founding team as in-house counsel and business adviser (the pre-production product was then named Trindigo). Early seed investment was provided by Hugh and Linda Evans, The Dausman Family and William Smoak Sr. Avianis signed its first fleet operators in 2008 while still in the pre-production phase. Since then, Avianis has grown at a steady pace with fleet operations ranging in size from 1 to more than 100 aircraft.


Avianis is headquartered in Austin, TX and plans to stay in Austin for the years to come. As our client base continues to grow, so do we. Most of our customer service, support, and sales/marketing efforts are also based in Austin. We also have a team of developers based in various locations throughout the United States. If you are interested in joining our team please check out our LinkedIn page for current job listings.