Frequent Questions

Everything you need to know about Avianis and our application platform

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is Avianis?

    We are problem solvers, first and foremost. Our goal is to help aviation companies manage their business faster and more efficiently so that they can do what they love most. We are dedicated to being on the cutting edge of the technologies that help you to increase productivity, grow sales and enhance customer relationships.

  • What do we do?

    Pushing the boundaries of aviation management technology is what we do. Avianis provides online and mobile solutions to the private aviation community in a single, integrated platform. We bring all segments of the customer travel experience together under one network. We organize information and improve the efficiency, communication, and relationships among suppliers, partners, regulators, and internal operations.

  • What is the primary product offering for Avianis?

    Avianis provides a comprehensive platform approach to managing a complete flight operation in one system. This enables a more holistic and cyclical view of the entire entire business that allows you to stay in touch with every detail of your business in one web-based platform. Moreover an operational environment where regulatory and operational requirements are more easily met without compromising customer experience and profitability. Avianis users experience streamlined operations, higher profits and increased productivity across the entire organization.

  • How do I subscribe to Avianis?

    Avianis is a subscription based service. We offer a flexible subscription model that is designed to fit the needs of your business.  We offer a few options depending on the size of your organization, please check out our pricing page on our website for more details or contact sales with any questions

  • What type of customers use us?

    We are proud to have some of the largest flight operations in the world using Avianis. Our platform is very specific to the aviation industry and our client/user base is very unique. Typical Avianis customers are running a fleet of one to several hundred aircraft. Typical Avianis customers range from aircraft operators, aircraft management companies, charter departments, flight departments, aircraft companies, charter brokers or anyone with an aircraft or a helicopter. We are integrated with many service providers in the industry such as aircraft manufacturers and travel partners. Our reach is ever expanding into offering more services to our clients as time goes on. We not only want to provide our users with tools in house to manage operations but also integrate with outside organizations that want to plug into Avianis so all systems are working together. Make sure and check out our "Extend" tab on the website to learn more. 

  • What makes Avianis so different from it’s competitors?

    Avianis is mobile anytime anywhere. Avianis offers a seamless easy to use interface that doesn't bog down the organization. We differ from our competitors because we offer the most intuitive application and technology that has factored in every single minor detail to running a flight operation. We are a single all inclusive web based platform. The exchange of data and ease of use from quoting trips to managing contacts and vendors all the way through the trip building to Flight Risk Assessment tool technology puts our competition in the rear view mirror.

  • How does Avianis work with our existing software and company tools?

    Avianis has partnered up with several vendors to provide seamless data integration into the Avianis platform. We enable you to integrate with your existing software providers for a hassle free integration experience. Clients using SalesForce, Quickbooks and other software to run their business we've got you covered. We have partnered with all of the major maintenance tracking providers to integrate fleet maintenance data. If we don't already work with your existing providers we are happy to work with them and can typically integrate with most software platforms from financial software to other business tools that you might use.

  • How long does it take to get trained on Avianis?

    For smaller operators Avianis can be set up and configured in a short time. The end user experience is very easy to learn and depending on your level of technical proficiency we offer a variety of training solutions to make sure you have all of the training necessary to use Avianis to it full potential. We offer a self service model for smaller operators, larger operations might require training and implementation steps and we are here to take you through that process with our team. Implementation time is very short and our sales and technology teams can consult with you on the stages of the process prior to launching your account. Custom implementations might require some training and coordination with your IT department, we can make the transition quickly and provide support throughout your entire engagement with us. We also offer a 24/7 help center with FAQ's, training links, training videos and other training resources like live webinars and blog posts specific to popular user questions. We are proud to have partnered with one of the leading Learning Management System providers in the business to give you the best learning experience. Avianis customers will have access to this resource via mobile devices 24/7 as well. This self-serve training platform allows users to file support tickets and log questions and service related issues. We also have an Avianis Users Forum where users can interact and post and share ideas in a community setting.

  • How can I learn more?

    If you are interested in learning more about Avianis we encourage you to check out our website and learn as much as possible about us. Our website is designed to cover all of the features and functionality currently deployed in the latest version of our new platform. We also recommend you check out our support center and blog section. Likewise our events tab will list any webinars or live events that we have archived for viewing or register for upcoming events. If you are interested in speaking with a sales representative or getting trial access please select the "request a trial" button at the top of the page.

  • My company needs this?

    If you are part of an organization that could use Avianis we know it's not always an easy task to get the whole company to drink the Kool-Aid. We take an educational approach here at Avianis and we want to spend time to sit down and make sure we're a good fit for your company. As part of our sales process we encourage getting the whole company on board and we're happy to make the demo process as convenient as possible when it comes to introducing the company. If you want to discuss how this process works, please request trial access or visit our "contact us" page.

  • What about referrals?

    We love referrals and this day in age it's not always easy to ask for them.  It's also not easy to get them!  If you know someone that might want to use Avianis let us know.  We are happy to reach out and set up a demonstration for them on your behalf or confidentially.  We have a referral program for those in the industry that are interested in helping us spread the word, we're very interested in working with you to help meet your client(s) needs.

  • What types of devices work with Avianis?

    Avianis is configured to work on any browser on any device. While we do have an application (there's an app for that!) that can be downloaded to a users portable device, our technology works on any browser capable of accessing the internet. Odds are if you are reading this, the device you are on right now will work great with Avianis. Tablets, desktop PC's, Macbooks, iPads, mobile phones and any internet enabled devices will work with the Avianis platform.

  • How do I contact Avianis?

    We offer 24/7 Customer Support for our user base. The best way to contact us is to visit our "contact us" page at the top of the website.