Compliance. Safety. Risk. Avianis tracks it all.

Maintenance Schedules

Easily integrate all of your maintenance processes into one seamless data flow. The initial entry of flight data by pilots is automatically registered against maintenance inspection schedules, which then are always displayed in real-time to the rest of the operation. You can manually set up inspection schedules, enter individual due items or automatically pull them through our integrations services.
Manual Next Due Items

With Avianis, you can create individual next due items based on one or multiple frequencies. You can set the next due values for each, and the system will update the values as flight logs are entered. Easily keep up with cardinal items without entering full inspection schedule information.

3rd Party Integrations

Tired of using multiple systems throughout your operation? We integrate with most of the leading maintenance providers to ensure a seamless flow of data relevant to your flight operations.

Automated Inspection Schedules

Create inspection programs and items based on one or multiple conditions. As data is entered by the flight crews, your next due values will adjust accordingly, and warnings will be displayed to operations and sales as they schedule a trip.


Discrepancies & Job Cards

In Avianis you can track discrepancies on the aircraft as they occur and mark whether they have an MEL expiration date. All MELs will display within the trip and quote compliance checks so your team does not sell or schedule and aircraft that is not available. Job cards can be created on their own or tied to an inspection item or discrepancy and allow you to track parts and labor as well as put the aircraft down.
Aircraft Offline Scheduling

With Avianis, aircraft can easily be scheduled for maintenance, which displays in the scheduling view and will flag warnings as the aircraft is quoted or scheduled for a trip. Everyone on your team will be up to speed on the current status of the aircraft and the proposed time it will be available without ever picking up the phone.

MEL and Deferred Item Tracking

The maintenance team can mark discrepancies as MEL items and designate a relevant expiration date. These will display on the scheduling view and also show as trip conflicts as operations are working on a trip. If an MEL is deferred, the date of deferment and new deferred date can be documented.

Mobile Discrepancy Reporting

By using the Avianis platform, flight crews can easily document and communicate discrepancies on the road to the home office as they occur. All of the pertinent information is managed from one central record and is easily accessible by relevant team members.

Parts and Labor Tracking

You can create job cards from inspection items, discrepancies, or as stand alone records. Track labor hours and part costs as you work through the items and easily create invoices without entering the data again. The Avianis system ensures greater efficiency for all members of your team.


Crew Record Management

Track crew qualification requirements to ensure crew members are qualified to fly and up to date on qualifications. The Avianis crew qualification tracking engine makes this process simple, accurate and easily accessible.
Hard Days Off Management

Days off can be managed with ease through the Avianis platform. All requests and approvals can be documented and displayed on the scheduling views.

Grace Period Tracking

With our crew scheduling views, you can view and keep track of crew qualification grace periods. This keeps your entire team up to speed on potential conflicts and allows for easy and efficient scheduling of recurrent training events.

Duty and Flight Reporting

We offer detailed reports to keep track of crew duty and rest periods to ensure your organization remains in strictest compliance. You can also generate a report for any crew member to see their flight times, landing, and approach statistics for the last 30, 60, 90 or 360 days. We make it easy to run these reports for internal or external purposes in minutes instead of hours or days.

Aircraft/Position Specific and General Programs

Keep track of your government required and internal training and safety programs. You can document last completed dates for recurrent items so your entire team is aware of any conflicts before they become an issue.

Crew Medicals

Document crew medical information and expiration dates to make sure your crews are legal to fly. Avianis records this information with accuracy so that you can depend upon it day in and day out.


Productivity and Collaboration

Increase productivity by enabling your operations team to collaborate, track, and manage crew records, maintenance schedules and job cards. Monitor activity feeds and manage customized notes and other collaborative components that give your employees full visibility to any compliance, safety or risk items.
Groups and User Roles
Make sure everyone is on the same page. Clarify a pilots schedule with operations before you schedule a training event, communicate new company requirements with all crew members and much more . User roles are an efficient way control access to relevant areas of the system.

Tasks are a great way to make sure crew records stay up to date. Assign tasks to yourself or others and manage the items that still need to get entered or updated. When new hires come on board, it can be difficult to keep up with all of the paperwork and items that must be completed. With tasks, everyone involved can make sure everything gets taken care of for a more efficiently run operation.


Files and Documents

Having crew, aircraft, and other important documents in one place will make everyone’s life easier while enhancing the operation. No more hunting and pecking for a copy of an aircraft’s insurance information or a crew certificate. Avianis allows for the easy retrieval of this information and more.

Messaging and Activity Tracking

When your operations team has a question about an aircraft maintenance event or a crew qualification coming due, they won't have to rely on email and phone calls to get the information they need. Easily collaborate about a specific trip, aircraft record, or personnel member so everyone stays on the same page.