Compliance. Safety. Risk. Avianis tracks it all

Maintenance Schedules

Easily integrate all of your maintenance processes into one seamless data flow. The initial entry of flight data by pilots is automatically registered against maintenance inspection schedules, which are then always displayed in real-time to the rest of the operation. You can manually set up inspection schedules, enter individual due items, or automatically pull them through our integrations services.

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Discrepancies and Job Cards

With the Avianis platform, you can track discrepancies on the aircraft as they occur and mark whether they have an MEL expiration date. All MELs will display within the trip and quote compliance checks, so your team does not sell or schedule an aircraft that is not available. Job cards can be created on their own or tied to an inspection item or discrepancy and allow you to track parts and labor as well as put the aircraft down for service.

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Crew Record Management

Avianis allows you to track crew qualification requirements to ensure all crew members are qualified to fly and up to date on qualifications. The Avianis crew qualification tracking engine makes this process simple, accurate, and easily accessible.

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Productivity and Collaboration

Increase productivity by enabling your operations team to collaborate, track, and manage: crew records, maintenance schedules, and job cards. Monitor activity feeds and manage customized notes and other collaborative components that give your employees full visibility to any compliance, safety, or risk items.

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