True collaborative operations management is the new threshold in business optimization for flight departments of all sizes.

Trip Planning

Our risk-assessment technology doesn't neglect a single detail, whether it's security vetting, sourcing vendors, monitoring critical maintenance data managing flight logs, or making sure duty time is being factored in to a trip--we've thought of it all!
Calendars & Scheduling

Keep track of aircraft and crew schedules with intuitive calendaring tools. Avianis provides your team with multiple views that include a company activity calendar and a greaseboard with monthly, weekly and daily views. With staging and aircraft filters, you can access the scheduling information you need faster than ever.

Calendar Feed Users can subscribe to their own calendar feed on their phone or tablet and keep up to date with trips, training, out-of-office events, and more.

Out of office tracking - You can document hard days off and vacation in one convenient place.

Service Sourcing and Request Management

Document and manage customer concierge requests throughout the trip-management process. Track order numbers and delivery to ensure all requests have been satisfied in a timely manner. Never leave your trip-scheduling console to source catering, ground transportation, and FBOs.

Passenger Management

Add passengers from any account or from your own personnel list. Easily add and update passenger information, documents, and preferences without leaving the trip. For 91 operations, you can even document passenger purpose per leg for SIFL reporting.

Email Tracking

Send and track crew and passenger documents to ensure everyone has the information they need when they need it. Crews can even accept trips directly from their email without having to log in to the system.


Trip Compliance

To dispatch safe and legal flights, various factors must be taken into consideration. Our sophisticated platform allows your business to stay current with crew training and duty/rest, all aspects of aircraft maintenance, and existing airport limitations. With everything that goes into dispatching a flight, you need a system that has you covered. Our platform pulls together all the information you need in one convenient system.
Trip Snapshot

Avianis lets you review all scheduling and risk assessments for any flight activity. Find any potential aircraft and crew scheduling and regulatory conflicts, view passenger and crew preferences, and monitor open tasks and of out-of-date documents with consummate professionalism that comes from using state-of-the-art software with dynamic features.

Security Vetting and eAPIS Filing

Through our integrated partner, CheckTSA, your business is able to easily check passengers against the most recent security lists. You can conveniently file international paperwork with a few clicks of the mouse. Our superior security platform provides you with an excellent level of safety.

Flight Risk Assessment Tool (FRAT)

Avianis allows you to customize your FRAT to meet your operational and safety needs. Flight crews or operations personnel can easily input risk factors and see if they require them to notify dispatch or get authorization from the D.O or Chief Pilot.


Flight Crew Logging

Seamless data entry makes for smoother operations, more accurate invoicing, and happier crews. We streamline the data-entry process for duty, flight logs, and expenses so they can focus on the most important things, safety, and customer service.

Flight and Duty Regulations

Manage your flight crew flight, duty, and rest statistics with streamlined mobile crew logging. All regulatory data is seamlessly displayed throughout the trip-scheduling process to ensure each flight is within pilot flight, duty, and rest regulations. No more digging around for needed data; our tools deliver the information you need quickly and accurately.

Expense Tracking

Increase billing efficiency and time management with robust expense management tools. Flight crews and dispatch teams can enter and track expenses in one place via the web or on a mobile device. All expenses are tied to a trip or event to eliminate any guesswork during reconciliation.


Productivity and Collaboration

Increase productivity for your Operations team. Collaborate amongst team and crew members across the entire Avianis platform at any stage of an engagement. Track activities, set reminders, manage checklists, and more!

Groups and User Roles
Get the answers you need faster with group messaging. Get clarification on a pilots currency, make sure that maintenance will have an aircraft up for an upcoming trip and much more. User roles are an efficient way control access to relevant areas of the system so your team members are only using areas specific to their responsibilities. 
Files and Documents

Keep track of important trip–related documents including executed contracts, flight planning information, and customer emails in one place. Users can easily view and download any document they need as soon as they need it.


Keeping up with all of the items that need to be done for a trip can be a nightmare. With trip–specific tasks you can ensure that everyone is aware of what has been done and what still needs to be addressed. You can even create default task lists which are automatically produced when a trip is generated so nothing slips through the cracks.

Messaging and Activity Tracking

When you communicate with flight crews, sales, maintenance or finance about a trip through email or phone calls, things can get lost in translation. With all communications about a trip in one central location, everyone is on the same page. With a full audit log that is automatically generated for each trip, there is never any further need to wonder who did what and when.