Most customer relationship management systems are not specific to aviation. Our mobile anytime anywhere CRM has all aspects of your business covered from start to finish

Accounts & Contacts

With our mobile, anytime, anywhere platform, your customer data is always accessible when and where you need it most. Say goodbye to makeshift tools that were not designed with the aviation industry in mind. Our CRM was custom made for aviation and its unique platforms. Manage contact information and customer preferences and store travel documentation using one streamlined system. Create custom-quoting profiles for a customer based on a certain tail number, aircraft type or category. Track leads, opportunities, and vendors throughout the entire customer engagement from start to finish.

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Charter Quoting

Avianis’s intuitive quoting engine makes it easy to provide accurate quotes on fleet or brokered aircraft to potential customers quickly. With our automated line-item library, you can make sure that nothing slips through the cracks and that all non-flight time charges are covered. You can view all potential scheduling conflicts as you create a quote to ensure you never book an aircraft that is not available. Not only does this software streamline your scheduling process, it also enhances your customer service.

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Sales Tracking

Manage all your sales transactions in Avianis and collaborate effectively with your entire team. View pertinent details about your opportunities including expected close dates, current pipeline stage and expected revenue. The ability to gather and tap all of this important information in one platform allows you to track your deals more effectively and efficiently.

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Productivity and Collaboration

Take the pressure off running your operation via email. Social collaboration is the name of the game in this digital age. Empower your team with the tools they need to be more productive. The Avianis platform enables the entire organization to collaborate on each phase of a customer engagement from beginning to end. Track conversations and tag users along the way. Everything is archived, stamped and tracked in a socially collaborative setting that is easy to access and designed to complement productivity.

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