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Breaking News! Avianis Launches New Platform

Posted by User Not Found on 12/22/2014

We're extremely proud to announce the release of our new platform!! Come take a peek at some of our latest features in the new release. Full story


Avianis opens pre-registration for trial access

Posted by User Not Found on 11/03/2014

As part of our new product launch we are offering an unlimited 30 day trial for those that want to try out Avianis. We are currently taking pre-registrations on our website, come take a test drive! Full story

Beer Mobile

Be a Charter Sales Happy Hour Hero

Posted by Matt Slosky on 10/06/2014

So much for Happy Hour on this lovely afternoon, its time to turn the fun barge around and head back to the airport. You just received a trip request that needs to be completed immediately. Time to schlep back to the office... Full story